About Elaine Clark

voice actor careers launched
commercials, narrations and toy character performances
video game performances

Elaine Clark is proud to have trained and launched the careers of 1000s of voice actors; coached dozens of news, sports and game reporters; refined hundreds of mid- and C-Level executive presentations; presented numerous corporate 1:1, half day, and full day communication training events; directed trade show and in-house theatrical-style experiences; refined corporate collateral materials; and cast, directed, and/or recorded numerous commercials, corporate narration, video games, toys, text-to-speech, AI, and audiobooks.

Elaine has spent nearly 40 years immersed in the communication industry as an actor, author, app creator, director, coach, audio engineer, producer, and casting director. She is the owner of Voice One Productions and founder of Voice One, the first full-time voice-over school. The 4th edition of her best-selling book, There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is, includes in-depth performance techniques, over 300 original practice scripts, and interviews with industry professions. It is used as a text book in numerous colleges and universities, and is often referred to as the “Voice Over Bible.” She provides additional business and communication insights in her latest book Voice Overs for Podcasting. The two interactive apps she created are designed to improve diction, breath support, resonance, melody, performance precision, and speech. Activate Your Voice is an effective and powerful 5-minute voice warm up. Adding Melody To Your Voice includes a 16-minute training video and an interactive listen, record, and playback practice area.

Over Elaine’s long career she has voiced hundreds of commercials, narrations, and toys; directed and/or performed in close to 100 video games and a couple anime series [JoJo’s Bizaare Adventure and Saikano]; looped several movies including Super8, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Master, and Titan A.E.; and recorded a dozen or so audiobooks featuring her voice, book authors, and celebrities. You can see her in films from time to time, including the futuristic gameshow host in the breakout movie, Sorry To Bother You.