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I’m Elaine Clark, your virtual trainer.  In this section, we’ll be studying…

The Evolution of eLearning

  • Distance learning began in 1728 when Caleb Philips mailed his students weekly course lessons. 

  • Automatic Teacher, the first attempt at an offline eLearning device, was made by Sidney Pressey in 1924.  

  • PLATO, the first online learning system was created in 1960 by Donald Bitzer.

  • In 1994, CompuHigh became the first fully accredited online high school.

  • At the 1999 TechLearn conference at Disneyworld, Elliott Masie coined the phrase e-Learning.

  • Now in 2023, there are more than 800 Learning Management Systems platforms (LMS) ranging from open-source to proprietary.

  • By 2026, it’s expected that the global LMS market will reach up to $40.36 billion!

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Elaine Clark’s Pioneering Work in eLearning

I began voicing, casting, directing, and recording eLearning modules in the 1990s.  While I haven’t done an exact inventory of my four-drawer file cabinet full of paper scripts, I estimate that I’ve worked on about a thousand modules.  In the early 2000s,  I created three e-Learning voice-over courses – two for the Academy of Art University and one for Udemy.  I also lead voice-over and on-camera performance training sessions at eLearning content provider companies.

Introducing the VO eLearning Accelerator

A couple years ago, Everett Oliver referred Terri Nicole to me for coaching and production of her new eLearning demo.  We share an education and performance background. So, after a few chats and planning sessions, the VO eLearning Accelerator course became a reality.

Founder/Owner Terri Nicole along with other VO Pros: Everett Oliver, Elaine Clark, AndrewLander, Jeffrey Machado, Bernadette Davis, Saundi Cooksey Harrison, Rob Sciglimpaglia and more provide valuable content and training. 

I can’t say enough good things about this outstanding course.  Click the link below to register or find out more:


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Test Your Skills!  

Do You Know The 10 eLearning Types?

1.   Computer Managed Learning (CML) -or- Computer Managed Instruction (CMI) – The computer manages and assesses the student’s learning process and  completion of course objects.

2.   Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) -or- Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) – Text, graphics, sound, video, and quizzes are used to enhance active learning through an interactive learning experience.

3.   Synchronous Online Learning – Groups of students participate at the same time in the learning activities.  It’s currently the most popular and fastest growing type of eLearning.

4.   Asynchronous Online Learning – Groups of students have the flexibility to study independently and at their own pace.

5.   Fixed eLearning – Course materials and contents are fixed and don’t change or adapt to the student’s preferences.

6.   Adaptive eLearning – New and innovative laboratory-based instructional techniques uses student performance, goals, abilities, skills, and characteristics to adapt and redesign the learning materials for each learner.

7.   Linear eLearning – This one-way method of passing training materials from the sender to the receiver is very limiting and is becoming less relevant.

8.   Interactive Online Learning – This two-way communication channel allows teachers and students to be senders and receivers and communicate more freely with one another.

9.   Individual Online Learning – The student studies the learning materials independently and is expected to meet the goals on their own.

10. Collaborative Online Learning – Multiple students work together as a group to achieve their common learning objectives.

E-Learning Demos Don’t Have To Be Boring

Take A Listen to these 3 SOVAS Nominated E-Learning Demos.

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