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Happy = Good  Neutral = Bad  

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Happy and sad are the emotional extremes. Between them falls a vast spectrum of emotional conditions.”

Elaine A. Clark, There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is

 EMOTION: The ‘E’ in Making It M.I.N.E.®

The M.I.N.E. Acronym stands for:
M = Motivation  I =Intentions  N = Need  E = Emotions

EMOTION = Depth, Realism, Opinion & Authority

What happens when a speaker doesn’t show emotions?

• Audiences disengage or get distracted •

  • Emotions help capture and maintain audience attention.

  • Emotions establish authority and credibility via personal insights and opinions.

  • Strong emotional messages are more persuasive than logical or factual information.

  • Emotional messages leave a lasting impression.  

With STORYTELLING all the buzz in business, no wonder speakers are encouraged to use personal anecdotes and stories to shape and illustrate an opinion or concept!  Emotions capture an audience’s attention.  Statistics and data… well, not as much.

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Unlock Your EMOTIONS  

Listen • Practice • Emote

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Emotion vs. Neutral  

Your message has purpose when it leads the listener to an emotional response so they FEEL and TAKE ACTION. 

Click  the video above to hear talented voice actors and the demos that I produced for them.