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This year, I had the honor of judging the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences [SOVAS] Audiobook Narration - Best Voiceover Award. Each nominee had three sections for Jurors to assign a number ranking.  These were CLARITY, PERFORMANCE, and ENGAGEMENT. While I might have simplified the titles, it’s my memory and I’m sticking with it. 

For the most part, the submissions were anonymous.  After listening to 52 audiobook samples in a variety of categories, the area that (I believe) had the most room for improvement was engagement.  So, I came up with my own ranking system.

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Elaine Clark’s Guide to Audience Engagement

Speakers and Narrators have 3 audience engagement choices:

  1. Speaking AT

  2. Speaking TO

  3. Speaking WITH

These three speech engagement styles are based on the relationship with the listener.  

  1. ‘AT’ is direct and unapproachable.  

  2. ‘TO’ is direct with emotion and empathy sprinkled in.  

  3. “WITH’ is a dialog with an individual or group.

All three styles are necessary and should be the narrator’s choice rather than arbitrary.  Below are reasons why and when you might use one or more of these performance engagement styles.  

🎙️ Speaking ‘AT’

Speaking at someone creates a distance or barrier between the speaker and listener. There’s little or no room for discussion or compromise.  It’s AUTHORITATIVE information that is expected to be received at face value and acted on as directed.  Often, the speaker believes they are superior, more informed, or of a higher status level.

 Speaking ‘TO’

Speaking to someone is a more CASUAL, AUTHORITATIVE style.  The intention is to share and receive information and ideas.  There’s a proper ‘business-like’ distance between the speaker and listener.  

  Speaking ‘WITH’

Speaking with someone creates a real or implied dialog with the listener.  There’s a shared familiarity with the characters, locations, and situations.  Speaking with a person or group promotes active listening, empathy, and imagination.  It allows the listener to put themselves in the story rather than observing from a distance.

🎙️ Speaking AT… TO… or WITH… Your Audience.

If you’re thinking about narrating books, check out ACX to find the style and book length that best suits your personality, performance strengths, time, budget, and audio engineering capabilities.  Audiences love it, too, when you remove mouth noises and triple check word pronunciations.  

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