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Episode 13: Real Talking Tips – Storytelling _Creating a 3-D World

How to be a visual and emotional storyteller and create a three-dimensional world where the listener sees, hears, and feels what you’re saying. Hi, I’m #ElaineClark. And welcome to #RealTalkingTips Episode 13. #Storytelling. It's the buzzword these in #business, #publicspeaking, #presentations, #podcasting, and #voice-overs. On the surface, it means telling an engaging

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Episode 12: Real Talking Tips – Your Opinion Needs an Attitude Adjustment!

Heartfelt... Prideful... Confident... and now... Attitude?! The fourth of this #BodyPostureVoice mini-series uncovers a bit of cocky, sarcastic, and ironic history that we use regularly when talking to friends and family. But where does it go when we talk to strangers? "Attitude Equals Opinion." And when we DON'T know someone, we tend to

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Episode 11: Real Talking Tips – Speak from the HEART!

Your Content Goes Here One way to effectively communicate with others is to speak from the heart. This is especially important when there's a need to empathize and deliver a truthful heartfelt message. This third of four #BodyPostureVoice micro-learning tips in the #RealTalkingTips series takes us on an emotional heart-warming journey where

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Episode 10: Real Talking Tips – Take Pride In What You Have to Say

Take Pride In What You Have to Say. #RealTalkingTips is a 52-week communication series where you are encouraged to observe, follow the exercises, and practice a new tip each week. #Pride is the 2nd in this 4-part mini-series on #BodyPostureVoice. #ElaineClark demonstrates specific ways the body can stand and move to add authority,

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Episode 09: Real Talking Tips – Stand Tall and Talk Confidently

Do you need an attitude adjustment? Our speaking voice projects a specific attitude in each unique physical posture and body movement. Our shoulders slump when we’re exhausted, shrug up and down when we're uncertain or don’t care, and tense and rise up in stressful situations. In #RealTalkingTips episodes 9-12, #ElaineClark explores physical movements

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