01: Communication is Powerful with
Real Talking Tips.

This first of 52 micro learning Communication series begins with a self analysis of our strengths and weaknesses.  It’s presented by Elaine A. Clark, actor and communication coach, author of There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is and Voice-Overs For Podcasting, and creator of voice and diction apps Activate Your Voice and Adding Melody to your Voice.

I’m Elaine Clark, a voice over performer and communication coach for over 40 years. Many of you may know me from my Elaine A. Clark books There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is and Voice-Overs for Podcasting; my Elaine Clark apps Activate Your Voice and Adding Melody To Your Voice; voice-over and on-camera acting; voice over coaching and instruction; and a business speech communication coach. At the core of it all, I’m an educator who enjoys sharing the tricks and techniques I’ve learned along the way to strengthen the voice and improve the way we interact with people through speech and body language.

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This is the first of 52 episodes. Each week, I’ll demonstrate a new Real. Talking. Tip. Then, I’ll give you an assignment. The lessons are brief, and designed to gradually improve your communication skills so you can become more confident and impactful presenters, voice actors, podcasters, & presenters, and communicate more effectively in business as well as in your own personal life.

Elaine Clark VO Real Talking Tips 01

This first Real Talking Tips episode is about YOU.

Have you ever thought about your own strengths and weaknesses? It’s funny, but people around us often know more about us than we know about ourselves. They tell friends and family members about positive and negative experiences with us.

  • Do you have great ideas… but struggle to follow through on those great ideas so they become a reality?
  • Do you feel that when you speak, you present your message clearly? Yet you’re surprised that people ask you to repeat what you just said.
  • Do you like the sound of your voice or do you want to improve your speaking voice?
  • Do you lack the breath support to sustain and deliver your message?

Photo by Lucas Pezeta from PexelsHolding a mirror or magnifying glass up to us is never easy. Yet, it’s a good place to start this communication journey. At the end of this series, you may want to review your notes and see if any of the items on your list have changed. Knowing who you are is empowering. You have the ability to make people feel and take action. You have the choice to offer a suggestion rather than a demand. You can guide the listener into accepting and adopting your message as their own. Powerful stuff!

Let’s begin this communication improvement journey with your first assignment: Your Personal Strengths and Weaknesses.

Photo by Lucas Pezeta from Pexels