10: Be Proud of How You Stand and Speak.

Take Pride In What You Have to Say. #RealTalkingTips is a 52-week communication series where you are encouraged to observe, follow the exercises, and practice a new tip each week. #Pride is the 2nd in this 4-part mini-series on #BodyPostureVoice. #ElaineClark demonstrates specific ways the body can stand and move to add authority, pride, and improve the overall sound of your #speaking voice. This is great for#VoiceOvers #Podcasting #Business #Presentations #Communication #VO #Teachers and #PersonalDevelopment.


Well, here we are at Real Talking Tips episode 10. I’m Elaine A. Clark. This is the second in a four-part series on the Body, Posture, and Voice. In episode 9, we worked on confidence with the shoulders squared off, relaxed, and down. Now, we’re going to use our body to exude pride in our voice, posture, and appearance.

Have you ever noticed how a person stands straighter and the shoulders arch back when given a compliment? Or, how a person may be encouraged to stand tall and be proud. You can use those exact physical movements for visual and auditory impact.

Okay. I’ll warn you right now. The directions I’m about to give you may sound similar to what a parent or teacher might have told you when you were growing up.

  • Stand up straight.
  • Put your shoulders back.
  • Hold your head high.
  • Wipe that frown off your face and smile.
  • Move your hands up waist level.

You’ll see this familiar stance used by TV hosts and field reporters.

Elaine Clark VO Real Talking Tips 01


Practice Assignment #10: DEMONSTRATE PRIDE

Stand in front of a mirror or video and record yourself as you act like a blossoming flower. Hunch your shoulders, lower your head, and hold your hands together in front of you. Then open up your body and morph into the pride position by raising your head, standing straighter, smiling, and widening your hand positions away from your body so the fingers extended forward and to the sides of your hips in a V-shape.

To develop muscle memory, repeat this transition a few times. The closed flower position is the ‘before’ moment or ‘problem’. The open flower is the position of ‘pride’. Use the deflated body posture prior to going into an important meeting, when you’re about to give a speech or presentation and are back stage and out of view of the audience, or prior to recording. This adds history and movement to your message. Play around with the size and shape of your “flower” transformation. Listen to the different degrees of pride in your voice when you move your shoulders further back, head is held higher, and you stand taller.

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