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“Intentions are measures used to ensure a ‘win’.”

Elaine A. Clark, There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is

INTENTIONS: The ‘I’ in Making It M.I.N.E.®

The M.I.N.E. Acronym stands for:
M = Motivation I = Intentions N = Need  E = Emotions

Are Your Intentions Coordinated? 🗣

It’s critical to ensure that your intention movements match your verb action and noun location.  Are your mouth and movements coordinated?  It’s worth a self-check.

  1. ‘Waiting’ is the verb action in the sentence: I’m waiting to go into the office.  In this example, there are two opposing actions to choose from based on attitude and urgency.  If patiently waiting, the muscles may relax and slouch downward when you say the word ‘waiting’.  If anxious and annoyed, the muscles may tense and tighten up.  Try physicalizing these two actions!  Say the example sentence both ways (relaxed and tense), changing the physical muscle action only on the word ‘waiting’. If your action and speech are coordinated, you should hear a clear difference in how each of these opposing movements change the voice attitude and opinion.

  2. A noun intention draws focus to a location when that’s the most important detail.  Let’s use this sentence: “I’ll meet you at the store.”  Based on your location, you may point down the street, behind you, at the ground, or even upward if the store is located on a higher level.  Now, say that sentence four ways, pointing to a different location (in front, behind, down, and up) each time you say, ‘at the store’.  Gesturing to a specific location establishes the speaker’s authority/knowledge and encourages the listener’s visualization/memory.  Next, say that sentence again and don’t gesture.  Could you hear the attitude difference when the store’s location was no longer the primary focus?

  3. Here’s a curveball.  What if a noun has a shape?  Without using your hands, describe a spiral staircase.  This may test your vocabulary and descriptive word choices!  Now, on the word ‘spiral’ use your index finger to demonstrate the cylindrical ‘spiral’ shape.  Stop the circular movement and leave your finger still and in the same position when you say ‘staircase’.   That one word movement draws focus to ‘spiral’… the type of staircase.  [Intention: to Define] If you use the circular movement on both words… ‘spiral staircase’, the noun intention is different.  [Intention: to Clarify]

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