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Is A.I. Okay?

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I’m a purist when it comes to writing. Personal knowledge, life experiences, and research from vetted sources shape my thoughts, opinions, and words.  So, I decided to dip my fingers into the ChatGPT bucket to see what it has to say about Artificial Intelligence.   

Easing in slowly, I asked ChatGPT to “Write Elaine Clark’s bio”.  Within seconds I learned that I am 10 years older than I realized, attended a different university, starred in several TV shows and movies before I was old enough to do so, won some pretty awesome awards I never heard of, and wrote a few books of which only one of the titles was correct.  It was obvious to me… perhaps not to others… that the info was gleaned from ALL the Elaine Clark information it could locate and presented as one person’s true story.

Our algorithmic relationship was off to a shaky start!  I forged ahead and asked GPT the big AI questions. 

🏽 Good News About AI

“What is good about AI.” While the answers listed below are ‘massaged’ and ‘condensed’ by human fingers, the 20 concepts it presented 2 seconds later are the same.    

  1. Automate repetitive tasks.

  2. Process and analyze data quickly.

  3. Personalize customer experiences.

  4. Predict trends and behaviors based on historical data.

  5. Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand and generate       language.

  6. Analyze images and videos including facial recognition, object detection, medical diagnostics, and surveillance.

  7. Healthcare and medical diagnosis.

  8. Autonomous vehicles.

  9. Fraud detection.

  10. Robots and automation systems.

  11. Environmental monitoring of air, water quality, deforestation and natural disasters.

  12. Creating intelligent gaming and entertainment non-player characters (NPCs), realistic graphics, and adapting gameplay based on player behavior.

  13. Language translation.

  14. Optimize energy consumption.

  15. Scientific research.

  16. Personal virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

  17. Speech recognition, text-to-speech and visual recognition.

  18. Agricultural predictions, automations, and monitoring.

  19. Analyze and detect traffic anomalies & identify and prevent cyberattacks in real-time.

  20. Personalize learning experiences for students, recommend educational content, and provide feedback to students and teachers.

🏽 Bad News About AI

If you’re like me, you probably nodded your head in approval, rolled your eyes in disgust, or got angry at some of the items listed as ‘Good’ AI.  When I typed, “What is bad about AI” it presented a new set of information.  The algorithmic search confirmed that misuse and unethical use of AI is bad.  

To prevent negative uses of AI, ChatGPT states that it is crucial to establish:

  • Ethical guidelines.

  • Regulations.

  • Oversight mechanisms.

  • Ensure that AI is developed and deployed in a responsible and beneficial manner.

  • Transparency, Accountability, and Ethical considerations should be at the forefront of AI development and implementation.

Ugly News About AI

When I typed “Ugly news about AI”, ChatGPT listed these 15 items.

  1. Regenerate.

  2. Bias and Discrimination.

  3. Privacy Invasion.

  4. Job Displacement.

  5. Ethical Dilemmas.

  6. Lack of Accountability.

  7. Deepfakes and Misinformation.

  8. Safety Threats.

  9. Security Threats.

  10. Dependency on AI.

  11. Environmental Impact.

  12. Economic Inequality.

  13. Lack of Transparency.

  14. Racial and Gender Disparities.

  15. Algorithmic Addiction.

🎙️ What Happens When Your Voice or Image is Stolen?

In November of 2020 it was discovered, quite accidentally, that TikTok had started using a text-to-speech feature using Bev’s voice. She immediately recognized where the voice had come from, which was a job she was hired to do for translation from Chinese/Japanese/Korean to US English.   She and her attorney Rob Sciglimpaglia filed a legal complaint against TikTok (Bytedance, the mother company).

Good news.  She won!  Bev’s unauthorized use of her voice was taken down.  

Having gone through that voice-theft experience, Bev believes that AI is not all doom and gloom. There will always be work for the human voice.  She also feels there are software developers out there providing control, consent and compensation for our voices and we can work with them to create a revenue stream for different jobs as they advance their technology.  For example updating elearning modules over the years where there are minor changes that can be done with your synthetic voice and you won't have to be in the booth.  That's just one example. Stay informed about the changes.  AI is not going away.  Let's work together, keep talking and make it work for everyone.

Want to read more about this landmark case? Watch one of the original interviews!

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AI Can Also Be Creative and Fun!

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Troy Ziel, my fabulous newsletter graphics creator, website developer, photographer and graphic designer created the AI generated cat designs you see in this newsletter to demonstrate how powerful AI has already infiltrated the design and photography world!
“I Meow VO” and “Ollie the Space Cat”
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