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🗣 The Many Voices Of Communication

Here’s Newsletter #8. If you missed the first seven, go to ElaineClarkVO.com/News • Plus, check out my ElaineClarkVO website • @ElaineClarkVODemos talent database • Real Talking Tips podcast •  There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is & Voice-Overs For Podcasting books • and Activate Your Voice & Adding Melody to Your Voice apps.

Speech Communication is achieved in various ways and forms:

  • Books

  • Podcasts

  • Apps

  • Demos

  • Films

… and more!

In this newsletter, I’ve included some resources and links I thought you’d enjoy.  Bookmark this newsletter so you can listen, view, read and explore more.  

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A Selfish Plan To Change The World


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Justin Dillon (entrepreneur, writer, artist, activist, humanitarian, speaker)

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of recording authors and celebrities narrating audiobooks.  Spending studio time with Justin Dillon and hearing this author/activist’s words was life changing for me.  Take a moment to click the red links and I’m sure it will be insightful and eye-opening for you, too.  

FRDM (pronounced free•dom)

Justin Dillon founded and runs a tech company called FRDM that helps Global Fortune 500 brands address social injustice in their supply chains. 

Call+Response (documentary)

While traveling the world as a musician, Justin Dillon learned about human trafficking. He, along with activists, journalists, celebrities, and Grammy winning artists created the SXSX and Cannes winning documentary,  Call+Response.  

Watch Call+Response on Vimeo

Slaveryfootprint.org (app)

Justin and his team developed Slaveryfootprint.org.  The goal, with the support of the U.S. State Department and Google, is to raise consumer awareness of how products rely on people who are forced to work without pay, who are under threat of violence, or work through other forms of coercion.  Over 32 million people have used the app to understand how their purchases are connected to modern slavery.

A Selfish Plan To Change The World (book)

The discoveries and documentation in Justin Dillon’s book on exposing child labor and slavery around the world are shocking, often dangerous, eye opening, and heroic! Bringing evidence to large companies inspires awareness and change.  

  • Justin encourages people to run their life or company like a movement.  

  • I encourage YOU to read or listen to Justin Dillon’s book.  

Amazon book link:  A Selfish Plan to Change The World

🎙️ The Jordan Harbinger Show

Elaine Clark & Jordan Harbinger Team Up

  • Jordan first attended voice-over classes with me in 2016.

  • I interviewed Jordan Harbinger in Voice-Overs For Podcasting by Elaine A. Clark where he provides valuable podcasting business insights and advice.

  • In 2021, I began coaching Jordan Harbinger and co-host Gabriel Mizrahi on their Feedback Friday shows.

  • In 2023, I started voice-over performance coaching with Jordan Harbinger and comedian co-host Michael Regilio on their Skeptical Sunday podcasts.

901: Lawns | Skeptical Sunday

As the weather gets colder and lawns turn brown, I found Michael and Jordan’s discussion about the history of lawns a great reason to stop watering!  Treat yourself to a laugh and listen.

Listen to Episode 901 Now

You can catch more ‘The Jordan Harbinger Show’  Real. Intelligent. Talk. episodes wherever you get your podcasts.

🎙️ Voice-Over & Speech Communication 🎙️

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