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Podcasting Potential - Pick a topic, tune in and learn the many reasons why you could start your own podcast. September Newsletter.

🎙️ Podcasting Potential

Here’s Newsletter #5. If you missed the first four, go to ElaineClarkVO.com/News • Plus, check out my ElaineClarkVO website • @ElaineClarkVODemos talent database • Real Talking Tips podcast •  There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is & Voice-Overs For Podcasting books • and Activate Your Voice & Adding Melody to Your Voice apps.

🎙️ Podcast Focus

There are many reasons to start your own podcast.

  • Create a financially monetized business.

  • Share information.

  • Build a personal brand.

  • Connect with others - followers, subscribers, downloaders and guests.

  • Become an industry influencer and thought leader.

  • Redirect traffic to your website and landing pages.

  • Directly target your audience.

  • Increase credibility and get recognized as an expert.

  • Personal drive to entertain, educate, and share your information and insightful stories of others.

🎙️ Voice-Overs for Podcasting

When my publisher at Allworth Press contacted me to write a creative performance approach to podcasting, I was flattered.  I was selected as the author based on the success, in-depth information, and organization of  There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is. So, I pitched the Voice-Overs For Podcasting book content, chapters, layout, and page length.  They sent me a contract and an advance payment.

I interviewed several podcasters that I know or work directly with and shared their unique and diverse insights.

🎙️ Jordan Harbinger  -  TheJordanHarbingerShow
🎙️ Michael Brandon  -  Get Sleepy
🎙️ Jason Allan Scott  -  APodcastCompany
🎙️ Aaron “Static” Render  -  Uncontained

🎙️ Mandela Leola van Eedan  - TrailLessTraveled
🎙️ Melissa Thom  -  SpellboundKids

🎙️ Podcast Guest on Best Business Minds

If you don’t host a podcast, you can always listen… or even be a guest.  August 2023 was a busy month for Elaine Clark as a special guest on 3 podcasts.  There’s something different to learn in each one.  Take a moment to watch or listen.

  1. The Best Business Minds hosted by Marc Kramer was a live Zoomcast show from Hanoi, Vietnam.    Elaine Clark talked about podcasting, business, storytelling, styles, formatting, marketing, and more information in her books, Voice-Overs for Podcasting and There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is.

Dan Avakian - Media personality and consultant “Dan The Produce Man” - wrote:

“Thank you Marc! Elaine is a legend!”

🎙️ Podcast Guest on Voice Over Body Shop

🎙️ Podcast Guest on Audio Branding

  1. Audio Branding with host Jodi Krangle featured Elaine Clark on episodes 197 & 198.   Our conversation about the music of speech was recorded on Riverside.fm.  It’s titled:  HOW TO BE A BETTER SPEAKER AND HIT ALL THE RIGHT NOTES.  Click below to listen to featured snippets, short sound bites, or the full episodes.  

Part 1: Watch, Listen and Read
Part 2: Watch, Listen and Read

🎙️ Elaine Clark’s  Real Talking Tips Podcast is a free communication course!

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