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The 4th edition of Elaine’s best-selling book, There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is,

includes in-depth performance techniques, over 300 original practice scripts, and interviews with industry professions. It is used as a training guide for thousands of voice over actors and as a text book in numerous colleges and universities. It is often referred to as the “Voice Over Bible.”

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Voice Overs for Podcasting

is exactly what podcasters of all levels need. It’s an essential handbook to create, build, improve, and connect with podcast audiences around the globe. Written by veteran voice over coach and author, Elaine A. Clark, it delivers the nuts and bolts of podcasting and elevates it to a new creative level with a fresh approach for podcasters to perform and deliver the most engaging story that audiences want to hear.

Activate Your Voice 1

“Activate Your Voice”
is a professional vocal warm up in your pocket.

Use it anytime, anywhere to speak like a pro. 5 minutes a day improves your vocal resonance, strength, articulation and enunciation.
• Designed by communication experts
• Great for business professionals, teachers, sales people, English language learners, actors, voice-over performers, and anyone who wants to be a better speaker
• Easy-to-use, with animation and audio to guide you
• Exercise sets improve your diction, breath support, projection, and pitch
• Clear, simple instructions
• Perfect to use before any speaking engagement

Activate Your Voice - App
Activate Your Voice - App
Adding Melody to Your Voice

“Adding Melody to Your Voice”

Speech Improvement Instruction and Workout

This $9.99 interactive communication app includes an instructional video of specific gestures that change the melody, tempo and inflection of one’s speaking voice. The Word Emphasis Chart is a quick reference guide. After listening to the video, use the interactive practice exercises area to record, playback, listen and compare your recordings with the audio samples.

• Watch the instructional video over and over again.
• Reference the Word Emphasis Chart.
• Record your voice and listen to see if it matches the sample.
• Delete and re-record until you’re satisfied with the results.

Activate Your Voice - App
Activate Your Voice - App
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VO eLearning
Accelerator Course

Enroll in the VO eLearning Accelerator course and achieve VO eLearning Success!

• Master the 4 Learner-Centered approaches that make you IRRESISTIBLE to hirers.
• Marketing techniques to help you cut through the noise.
• Email Templates, Rate Guides and more!

As Terri Nicole’s voice-over coach, I encouraged her to use her educational and acting skills to create this voice-over eLearning course. I’m pleased to be included with Terri’s team of professionals to add my unique Elaine Clark training and performance concepts to the VO eLearning Accelerator:

• Narration Techniques
• Creating Trust with your Brain and Body•
• Adding Music and Melody to Your Scripts


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