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Becoming An Audio Engineer

Nearly 30 years ago, audio engineer and music designer Chip Harris initiated my audio engineering journey.  He got tired of me hanging over his shoulder pointing at the wav files I wanted edited together.  So, he got out of his chair and told me to sit down.  I soon learned that seeing and hearing the sound files was one thing. Editing them together quickly and efficiently posed a much bigger challenge. 

Over the years my recording and editing skills exponentially improved.  And so did the audio recording software, hardware, room treatment options, and equipment. The good news is that home studios don’t have to be expensive in order to deliver excellent sound quality.  You can adapt the environment to minimize sound bounce. Purchase a microphone that doesn’t break the bank.  Use apps and plugins to lower the sound floor to -60db.  And, remove those pesky unwanted background noises.

Check out these cool products and services to help you achieve professional audio quality at home, on a budget, and when you travel.

Tula Microphone

Good for recording on-the-go or in noisy environments.

I use this small USB TULA as my travel microphone, but it could also be your go-to mic.  It’s easy to use and captures the voice nicely. What I like best is the embedded Noise Reduction.  That function comes in handy when camping or staying in a hotel.  Or, if you don’t have your phone, tablet or computer with you when you record.  It has an internal battery, 8GB of memory, and provides 12 hours of onboard recording.  So you can store your recordings until you’re ready to download the files. 

Here’s a short video that explains how the Tula Mic works:

How Do I Use My Tula Mic?

WAVES Clarity Vx

AI-powered noise removal for voice and vocals.

I witnessed Georgethe.Tech Whittam apply this powerful plugin on voiceover that was recorded into Twisted Wave in the noisy VOAtlanta23 Exhibit Hall.  After hearing the background murmur stripped out and only the actor’s voiceover remaining, I knew I had to get it.  

If you need noise control and a lower sound floor, click here:  Waves Clarity Vx.  

Curious about how this audio plugin works?  Watch George’s discussion about ‘Clarity’ with the Waves’ director of products and education, Michael Pearson-Adams.  https://youtu.be/jkdL7oURjZs?t=1231 


Not a techie? Find out how you can use Waves Clarity.  Simply click the graphic below to purchase the: "WAVES Solutions for Voiceover – Beginners" course. Enter the “GTTEC10OFF” Coupon Code at checkout for a 10% discount. 

GTT Wave solutions for VO - Beginners course

Don’t have a lot of extra space?  Try the Tri-Booth!

The Tri-Booth is an accurate, echo-free voice recording booth that fits in the corner of the room and fits into a suitcase for traveling.  It is relatively easy to take down and reassemble. Rick Wasserman of Tri-Booth and George "The Tech" Whittam have partnered with ElaineClarkVO to give you a 10% discount.  Click here  and use Coupon Code “GTTEC10OFF” at checkout.

Voice Over ESSENTIALS from Harlan Hogan

Harlan is not only a dear friend of mine, but the creator of quality recording gear.  The Porta-Booth® Vocal Booths are small and perfect for recording at home and on the road.  They shape the voice and minimize sound bounce.  Just put it on a desk, shelf, or on a stand.  The microphone and copy fit inside it. The Harlan Hogan VO: 1-A studio mic, voice optimized headphones, mesh pop filter, Auralex studio foam, and other goodies are also available.  

Click Here to Explore more of Harlan’s Audio Goodies!
Voice Over Essentials by Harlan Hogan

Need 1:1 Audio Support?

These audio engineers are here to help you improve your recordings.  Most are remote sessions but some are in-person at your studio.  

George ‘The Tech’ Whittam - “The Booth Whisperer”

https://georgethe.tech/ec  Enter Coupon Code “GTTEC10OFF”at checkout.

George and his team can assist you with your home studio.  Custom build outs, Rush Services, AcousticTune-Ups, Podcaster Producers Mix Templates, and more.

Dan Leonard - Home Voice Over Studio Consultant 


A professional voice talent with 40 years of recording and production experience. Dan can make creating a home VO studio a very user friendly experience! "It's not about the equipment. It's how you use it. And it isn't rocket science."

‘Uncle Roy’ Yokelson – Home Studio Services and Guidance


For over 40 years Roy Yokelson (aka 'Uncle Roy') has been passionately serving the voiceover and music industries with engineering, directing, and technical education. Roy’s been nominated 3 years in a row for 'Best Voiceover Support Service Provider'. He educates with his '2 Hour Life Changing Adobe Audition, Twisted Wave, or Audacity Set Up & Training' session.


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