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❣️ Truthful Messaging

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The Journey From
the Head to the Heart

🗣    PERSONAL Subtext

Incorporating personal subtextual moments into the message, is the third performance and speaking element. This more abstract addition to messaging allows personal thoughts, memories, and experiences to color the Foundational Analysis and Story Subtext in a unique and personal way.  This mixture is the ‘special sauce’ that makes your message uniquely yours! Personal subtext connects the dots between words and their relationship with your specific life events.  This connection to your inner life allows the message to resonate with you as it drops into your heart and gut.

🗣   Message % Breakdown

When you’re speaking to an audience, narrating, or reading from a script, consider how much time you’re putting into the actual performance.

20% Script Analysis - While necessary and sometimes time consuming, no one wants to hear your homework performed.  The logical choices you make in your head are the foundation for your deeper heartfelt choices.

40% Story Subtext - Using the foundational choices and story synopsis, a story arc starting with the reactive moment before, through the story elements, and expectations after speaking are created.   I trademarked a system called Making It M.I.N.E.® to help with this process.  (see below)

40% Personal Subtext - Allowing life events to fuel the story adds a personal touch to speaking and performing.  Years ago while performing a voice-over job, a director told me to  “spray some chrome on it.”  That’s the shimmer that personalizing the message adds to your words.

Making It M.I.N.E.®

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🗣 The Great Divide: 2-Sided Brain

Left brain is Logical.  Right Brain is Creative.  Left & Right Brain is a Combo.

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